YouTube Star MoreZoella Cookie Recipe video hits over 650K Views in 3 Days

Reinforcing the star power and appeal of YouTube stars in all of their various endeavors, comes proof that this applies even to cookie recipes made by non-chefs.

Case in point, MoreZoella, with over 3.4 Million Subscribers on YouTube. Her video, “Baking Cookies & Louise Live” soared past the half million viewers mark within 3 days, or in other words, in about 78 hours. Ironically, she’s not even famous for her cooking, but for her beauty and other vlogging topics.

It is obvious to state that most major networks, cable channels, and media outlets would be thrilled with this type of immediate impact and viewership.

Recently it was announced that Zoella (Zoe Sugg) is releasing a new line of beauty products, as well as has at least two book deals in the works.  (see announcement video below).

What is clear is that if she did decide to expand into the food realm, both fans and sponsors would be lining up.

Either way, Zoella is a good candidate someday for a TASTE AWARD.