Web Travel Series #HEYUSA is Back on the Road with Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart

The girls of the popular, crowd-sourced travel show #HeyUSA are back with Season 2 on THE SCENE!  Saddle up with social media stars and real life besties – E! Channel personality Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart – as they embark on the adventure of their lives across America. Watch Here.

Hey-USA-hqdefault-1 The Scene is Condé Nast Entertainment’s premiere digital video storytelling network. It features the  original programming from over 20 iconic brands, with a window into the worlds of fashion, sports, culture, comedy and more.

New for Season 2:  Hart will star alongside five fan-selected YouTubers for different adventures each week. Helbig takes on a new role as “puppet master” and will control which cities Hart and company visit, all selected from the fan recommendations. Each new location will be revealed at the top of every episode. #HeyUSA airs every Thursday and Sunday on THE SCENE.

In Episode 4 of #HEYUSA premiering today, Mamrie visits San Francisco with Youtube star Colleen Ballinger. These ladies are trying their luck at Trapeze Arts in Oakland. With a bit of acrobatics training under their belt, can they swing to the other side of the trapeze? Did you know that fortune cookies were created in San Fran? Mamrie and Colleen learn how these hand-made delights are produced at the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory as well as read their fortunes. As the girls enjoy some drinks, they learn about Chinese herbal remedies to cure hangovers at The Great China Herb Company.

Mamrie and Colleen jump on the opportunity to visit Drag Kings where they dress up as older gentlemen and head to Oasis for Baloney the gay- all male revue. And what’s a trip to San Fran without checking out the FULL HOUSE house?