Katy Perry Gives a New Twist on Dinner in BON APPETIT Video

Katy Perry Gives a new twist on the chef’s mission to make the perfectly flavored dinner in her BON APPETIT music video. This work continues her ongoing music video themes of colorful and eye catching visuals, combined with culinary references, that earned her a previous TASTE AWARD. Examples of such themes can be found in hits such as “California Girls” as well as “This is How We Do“.

What Treats were in the TASTE AWARDS VIP and Celebrity Swag Bags?

The annual TASTE AWARDS celebrate the year’s best in Lifestyle Broadcast Media, and it also always asked “What treats were in the TASTE AWARDS VIP and Celebrity Swag Bags?”

A taste of the Domestic Geek: Breakout Foodies of the Year Award

YouTube Star Sara Lynn Cauchon, aka the Domestic Geek, was a recent honoree winner of the Breakout Foodies of the Year TASTE AWARD.

She has been very busy since then, as these two great recipe videos from her online series demonstrate.

5 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies:

5 Outrageously Delicious Milkshakes:

About Sara:

Sara Lynn Cauchon wants to make eating well a lot more delicious. Since launching her YouTube channel, The Domestic Geek, in April 2014 she has earned more than 600,000 dedicated subscribers who appreciate her fresh, fuss-free approach to cooking. In that time she’s shared more than 100 original, mouth-watering recipes as well as countless tips and tricks for making life at home easier.

An experienced guest expert, Sara Lynn has made dozens of appearances on hit lifestyle shows like The Social and Steven and Chris. She’s also a dynamic motivational speaker who has shared her story at a number of live events.

Sara Lynn is also an established television host/producer/director who has more than a decade of industry experience. She has hosted a number of television programs including Diva On A Dime, GirlzTV and HGTV’s Rooms That Rock, for which she was nominated for the GEMINI Viewer’s Choice Award for Best Host In A Lifestyle Series.

When Sara Lynn isn’t on set, you’ll most likely find her in the kitchen. Her love affair with food started nearly 20 years ago when she would eagerly help her mom with dinner. Since then, good food has become an obsession. And, although she is not technically a chef, she spends most of her spare time whipping up delicious recipes for friends and family.

YouTube Star MoreZoella Cookie Recipe video hits over 650K Views in 3 Days

Reinforcing the star power and appeal of YouTube stars in all of their various endeavors, comes proof that this applies even to cookie recipes made by non-chefs.

Case in point, MoreZoella, with over 3.4 Million Subscribers on YouTube. Her video, “Baking Cookies & Louise Live” soared past the half million viewers mark within 3 days, or in other words, in about 78 hours. Ironically, she’s not even famous for her cooking, but for her beauty and other vlogging topics.

It is obvious to state that most major networks, cable channels, and media outlets would be thrilled with this type of immediate impact and viewership.

Recently it was announced that Zoella (Zoe Sugg) is releasing a new line of beauty products, as well as has at least two book deals in the works.  (see announcement video below).

What is clear is that if she did decide to expand into the food realm, both fans and sponsors would be lining up.

Either way, Zoella is a good candidate someday for a TASTE AWARD.