Billionaire TWITCH founder Justin Kan presents a TASTE AWARD

JustinKan-2010The TASTE AWARDS have always had personalities, stars and leaders as part of the event. This includes not just winners and nominees, but also the Presenters.

When Justin Kan presented this award he was famous for Justin.TV, which chronicled in a streaming feed every moment of his life.

Now he is known for selling his firm, Twitch, to Amazon for over $1 Billion, an example of a real life unicorn.

Below, The Billionaire founder of Twitch and Justin.TV, Justin Kan presents the Best Film or Documentary award at the very  TASTE AWARDS. Justin is joined in this video by food and TV host Leslie Sbrocco.

The TASTE AWARDS celebrate the year’s best in food, fashion, and lifestyle programs on television, in film, online and on radio.